Collaborative Partnerships & Resources 

A core value for Zoe Moore is to collaborate with knowledgeable leaders and talented business owners that are helping to create change across the business ecosystem. Whether you're looking for EDI tools to develop your strategy or an event resource to improve your supplier diversity program. Be sure to start your journey here to determine there is an opportunity to Grow with Zomo.  

Check out the following collaborations

  • Mindstand Technologies, Inclusive Language Challenge - Assess how your team communicates

  • Equimetrics powered by Infinity Systems, Hospitality EDI Survey- Assess your leadership's commitment and buy-in

  • Travel Unity, Certified Diversity Travel Professional (CDTP)- Increase the attractiveness and traffic to your destination 

  • ROI Institute, ROI Methodology- Measure the impact of your EDI training, initiatives & programs on your bottom line

  • Culture Brokers, Diamond Inclusiveness Assessment- Identify areas of weakness and opportunities for growth 

  • Tourism Diversity Matters, Organization Analysis- Collect information from stakeholders to develop strategic plan

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Helping leaders GROW while developing their
equity, diversity and inclusion strategies