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"When inclusion is a behavior and equity is a strategy,

diversity will be a result."

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Determined to ensure Equity, Diversity & Inclusion is a priority in the hospitality, meetings, events and tourism industry. I help leaders operationalize policies, develop training, establish committees and implement strategies that are sustainable and measurable.   

Proudly trained as Certified Diversity Practitioner by the National Diversity Council, I look forward to working with clients, partnering with organizations and helping professionals explore the various opportunities across the business ecosystem.  


My first Blog was called Unsolicited Advice to recognize that my perspective may be provocative, unpopular and disruptive to the status quo.

My goal is make an impact not pacify the truth or congratulate clients for their baseline awareness. Instead I empower leaders to take action. Referencing history, human behavior, legislation, economics and demographic data, I look to achieve comprehension through dialogue and education. I value critical thinking and genuine interest in finding solutions. Checkout past articles and join my mailing list to receive notifications about when I share my #unsolicitedadvice on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. 


After 12 years in the Army, 2 tours in Iraq, I was honorably discharged in 2014 then attended California State University East Bay to achieve an M.S. in Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism. Following school I ambitiously started Cultivate Event Artistry & Design and LB Alliance to help Black owned business execute events and strengthen their event services through professional development, promotion and collaborative support. 

Creating my own lane I began referring to myself as an Event Resource Broker determined to keep under represented professionals informed about corporate opportunities while advocating on their behalf to trade organizations like MPI, PCMA and ILEA. From event planner to advocate for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, I started an Inclusion & Diversity committee for the Northern California chapter of Meeting Professionals International (MPINCC) which began my journey to becoming a consultant. 

At the beginning of 2020, I officially dissolved both of my initial entities in Oakland, CA moved to Marietta, GA and spent quality time with my son. After the murder of George Floyd, my inbox was flooded with requests from leaders seeking advice on how to amplify Black owned businesses and strategically commit to social change. I was afforded the opportunities to respond to requests in several ways:

  • Greg D. Shields and I became contributing freelance writers for Meetings Today

  • Sonia Alcazar, Joy Ekuta, Vanessa Oliver, Jessica Cole and I launched The State of Events podcast

  • Tanida Mullen and I co-chaired the 2020 Meeting Professional International Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee

  • Candid Photography 

  • Graphics for Small Businesses/Projects 

  • Travel/Retreat Manager 


Determined to build a thriving business I meet challenges with a growth mindset. What I don't know, I learn. When I don't have the answer, I ask someone who does. When I need help, I collaborate. This can "Do" attitude has helped me troubleshoot quickly to overcome challenges. When you invest in my services, you'll quickly recognize that when a task needs to get done, I not only can DO it but I DO it well which makes me a DOERpreneur. 

My Story
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Zoe Moore

Moore Consulting Agency 

EDI Strategic Consultant



Helping leaders GROW as they develop their
equity, diversity and inclusion strategies

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